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Your Trusted Tennis Court Maintenance Firm


 FEZ Tennis Maintenance is one of the few maintenance companies currently in business that has a team led by ex-tennis professionals who truly understand the quality a tennis court should provide to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience! We’ve provided clients with a wide range of maintenance services for all their needs. Our team of professionals have 30 plus years of experience in the art of maintenance, excelling in Har-Tru (green clay), European Red Clay, Hard Courts, and Pickleball (Har-Tru and hard court). We have been recognized most recently for transforming country clubs that were in extremely unsafe and dismal conditions in South Florida to some of the most premier facilities in the area.

Contact us to schedule a consult for your court!

green clay
Happy Tennis Player
Male Tennis Player
Doubles Match
Boy Holding Racket
Ball on Tennis Court
Playing Tennis
Tennis Match
Tennis Player
Tennis Racket
Tennis Racket and Ball
Serving a Tennis Ball
Tennis Players Bumping Elbows
Tennis Players Wearing Masks
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